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IvyShuttle is an academy that offers a unique college readiness education-ECAT ( Elite College Advanced Training), through our ongoing follow up Education System, OFES, which facilitates each student’s emergent development needs through learning in physical classroom and cloud classrooms.

Ivy Shuttle believes that intellectual capacity, interpersonal maturity, and integrative vitality are important qualities for a student’s college readiness, as well as crucial indicators for his or her success in high school, college, and future careers. The growth of these qualities depend on the student's self-awakening understanding of the value of true learning and how it can drive him or her through rigorous learning challenges in academic and non-academic areas.

Ivy Shuttle’s instructors are high-level, experienced educators who teach at and/or were educated at the best US universities, including Harvard, Princeton and Columbia. Ivy Shuttle strives to provide an educational experience that best supports each student’s individual needs in the development of his or her intellectual capacity, interpersonal maturity, and integrative vitality. Our goal is for each student to be well-prepared for college and for life.

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