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The Vancouver Island Weekly newspaper, previously known as VI Weekly, has become a monthly magazine since Nov. 2018, and is now renamed as Herland & VI Mandarin.​


It is currently displayed or can be picked up by readers on BC Ferries, airports, libraries, retail stores and nearly 200 other locations in Nanaimo, Victoria and surrounding regions.

Our online/print platform can help advertisers reach almost the entire Chinese audience on the Island. 



Online Community

Our online platform alone is now able to reach an audience of more than eighty percent of the Chinese residents on the island. This is mainly through our WeChat social media channels, which include news feed subscriptions, postings and chat groups. 


Simply look at WeChat as the Chinese version of Facebook.


About Us

Founded in 2015 and with a mission to build connections between the Chinese Community and local businesses, VIP Consultancy has started operations or subsidiaries including Island Buyers, VI Weekly and VIP Consultancy, successively, amid our efforts made to meet that mission.


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Statistics Canada's 2016 census shows that there are approximately 20,000 Mandarin-speaking Chinese residents on Vancouver Island. However, many Chinese real-estate agents believe that the total Chinese population has in fact reached over 50,000 when including students and those who reside on the Island as tourists.

As a local Mandarin media company established in 2016, with platforms including both a monthly print magazine and various online tools, our combination of print magazine delivered to key neighborhoods and convenient pick-up locations are further supplemented by a strong online presence. 


Our print/online circulation is read by an estimated 40,000+ readers, most of whom are local Chinese residents or people who are interested in visiting/moving to the Island. 

Tel:+1 (250)585-2898
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