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Plan fee at only $150 per year (plus GST), and you have the option to pay your fee with your vouchers.


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Hire us as your Contact Point, Sales Representative or Marketing Assistant focusing on our ethnic market.


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What are VIW Vouchers?

VIW Vouchers are supplied by Vendors and sold to local Chinese community. The Vouchers are divided into two types: A & B. Type A Vouchers are in their nature the advertisement fee paid to VI Weekly by a vendor. Therefore, this kind of vouchers are basically irrevocable and carries very few restrictions on the use of them. They have to be deemed as real cash when consumers use the Vouchers to make purchases at the vendors’. When VI Weekly completes it’s selling of Type A Vouchers, the vendor may choose to allow VI Weekly to continue to sell Type B Vouchers, which may have lower face value or selling prices, with more conditions on use of them.

How is a Voucher's face value and selling price defined?

The face value of a Type A Voucher is usually a percentage of an average transaction’s worth at the Vendor’s, depending on the amount of the average. VI Weekly will sell these vouchers at 50% of the face value. The face value and selling prices of Type-B will be determined jointly by VI Weekly and the Voucher's Vendor.

What are the roles of VIW Vouchers?

They are just like all the usual promotional roles that usual coupons play for a business. In particular, while VI Weekly has to sell the Vouchers to receive the proceeds, we will need to launch necessary campaigns to promote the vouchers as well as their vendors, frequently, on our platforms or through other possible channels. At the same time, we all admits that the popularity of a voucher largely relys on the quality of a vendor’s products or services as well as the attractiveness of the discounting itself. We will probably fail to sell part or all of the vouchers. Then the losses and risks are all ours.

How will VI Weekly produce and distribute the Vouchers?

→ 1. A Vendor registers at → 2. VI Weekly designs the Voucher and sends a Voucher use terms & instructions document to and get confirmed by the Vendor. → 3. VI Weekly starts to sell the vouchers. → 4. Consumers buy the Vouchers through or through other channels. → 5. When a Voucher is sold, the buyer consumer, the Vendor will both be informed by an email notice. → 6. A consumer makes purchases at the vendor’s and use, redeem the Voucher by replying to the Voucher email. VI Weekly reserves its rights to make further improvements or further reasonable, necessary changes to the production, management and use of VIW Vouchers.

Please be advised that all of our staff are not native English speakers. Although we have tried our best to make ourselves rightfully understandable, it is still most likely that you could encounter some ambiguity and confusion in the English text on our webpages, or in our communications with you. In such cases, don't hesitate to  Contact Us to inform us about the errors or require further info/clarifications. We really appreciate it. Many thanks.